Your company’s website forms the core of your brand’s digital footprint, and the core of your website is its design. Every business owner has a choice: pick a custom design or a template? Templates have their place, but here at STAT LEAD Marketing, we know the value of building a custom web design. Why do custom designs have an edge over templates? Let’s find out now.

6 Reasons Custom Web Design Will Always Have the Edge Over Templates

1. Custom Websites Are Tailored to Your Brand

If you choose a website template design, you risk another company having a site that’s highly similar to yours. A custom website design is just that: custom. Your website will be unique and tailored to fit your brand identity and core business objectives.

2. Your Website Will Have SEO Built-In from the Start

Do you want to hear a secret? The biggest mistake that website owners make is building a website and then adding SEO (search engine optimization) tactics after the fact. With custom website design, SEO can be woven directly into your site’s architecture and infrastructure. Once you have proper SEO, you’ll see a bigger boost in organic traffic, site ranking, and conversions.

3. You’ll Have Ongoing Support Services from Your Web Design Agency

Professional marketing and web design agencies offer ongoing support services for their clients. Choosing a run-of-the-mill template means your support essentially ends there. If you ever run into a problem, where will you turn? With a professional agency on your side, you’ll have comprehensive support if there’s ever an issue with your website.

4. Custom Websites Are Easily Scalable

Arguably the biggest downside to most website templates is their inflexibility. As time goes on and you add more content, products, etc., your website will grow in size. As such, you need a website design that offers inherent scalability. By building your website from scratch, you can easily expand your site as much as you like. Essentially, website management becomes fast, easy, and stress-free.

5. You’ll Have Full Compatibility with All Devices

Did you know that Google crawls and indexes the mobile version of websites first? If your website isn’t responsive and optimized for all types of devices and screen sizes, you will have a hard time achieving the ranking you want in the SERPs, or search engine results pages. With a custom design, you can build your website to ensure compatibility with all device types, a critical factor to success.

6. Custom Websites Offer a Better User Experience

Our final reason why custom website designs are better than templates can be summed up with two simple words: user experience. If your website offers a poor user experience, you can kiss your traffic, leads, and conversions goodbye.

According to a 2021 Qualtrics survey, brands risk losing 9.5% of their revenue on average due to poor customer experiences. Can you imagine losing almost 10% of your current revenue? You can see why focusing time, energy, and money on improving user experience is essential to your long-term success.

Website design is a critical component of brand development, marketing, and your success as a business. While templates may work for some companies, there’s no denying the advantages of custom website design services. At STAT LEAD Marketing, we’re a top-rated digital marketing and advertising agency in San Francisco, CA. If you’re interested in custom website design, we’ve got you covered. Call STAT LEAD Marketing at (650) 762-5553 today and schedule your free consultation with our design team.

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