Looking to promote your business and build followers with a social media campaign? At STAT LEAD Marketing in San Francisco, CA, we’re experts in creating engaging social media content to help your customers connect with your brand. Here’s our step-by-step approach for envisioning, planning, and executing a campaign for social media that really works.

6 Steps to Creating a Social Media Campaign That Works

1. Get Clear On Your Goal

Before you can start planning a killer campaign, you first need to know what your goal is. Whether you’re promoting an event, offering a new product, or looking to build your follower count, your goal will impact how you plan out your campaign and how you measure its effectiveness.

2. Choose Your Channels

The social media channels you use will dictate what kind of content you need to create for your campaign. Short videos are hot right now across most major platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, so channeling your energy into creating short videos for your campaign is a smart move. If you’re using Twitter or Pinterest, images and pithy quotes may be more appropriate. Understanding the best content formats for each channel is the key to success in this step.

3. Plan Your Content for the Month

Once you’ve nailed down your ideal content for each channel, the next part of the campaign process is plotting out your schedule on a calendar. You’ll want to be precise about what days of the week, what times, and on which channels you’ll be posting content. Preparing your messaging and copy during this stage will help you to set up an outline for the duration of your campaigns.

4. Create Your Content

This is the fun part: creating the content you just planned out. It’s time to shoot your footage, snap your photos, and edit your videos for your campaign. These days, almost anyone can create the right content for their brand just by using their phone. Want some customized images for your campaign? At STAT LEAD Marketing, we can add logos, text, shapes, and color filters to your images to create the custom look you want for your brand.

5. Schedule Your Posts

When you’ve got all your content and creative copy ready to go, all that’s left to do is schedule! Put it all together in a social media scheduling tool like STAT LEAD Marketing’s easy-to-use platform. Our marketing tools allow you to access all your social networks in one place, so you can easily plan your content ahead of time and schedule it across your chosen social media channels to grow your following with ease.

6. Monitor and Respond

While your scheduled social media posts are running smoothly in the background, it’s important to stay involved with your customers. Being present on your social media profiles helps customers feel connected to your brand. We recommend setting up alerts on your phone so you can respond quickly when someone comments on your Instagram post or replies to your tweet.

Think you’re ready to start your new campaign? We can help. Contact STAT LEAD Marketing in San Francisco, CA, today.

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