Just like with any aspect of the technology industry, the field of custom web design is always evolving to keep up with changes to the ways we interact with our technology. It’s imperative that your business adapts and evolves along with these changes to stay on the cutting edge. Check out these current web design trends in 2022 to determine if your business is up-to-date.

7 Crucial Custom Web Design Trends for Businesses in 2022

1. App-Like Experiences

More and more people are interacting with the online world exclusively through their phones. In order to make your website fit into a cohesive experience that doesn’t feel out of place to a mobile user, it can be helpful to take design cues from popular apps and incorporate them into your website. That will help visitors feel right at home and familiar when they’re on your page.

2. Minimalist Design

The philosophy that less is more is becoming increasingly popular in the field of web design, with companies ditching cluttered, busy websites of the past for something more streamlined. An uncluttered approach helps provide a more user-friendly experience for visitors to your page, letting them find what they’re looking for with ease.

3. Interactive Fonts

One small design aspect that can have an engaging, memorable impact on visitors to your page is a font that interacts with the user. For example, words on the screen might change color or move around in response to the user mousing over them. This creates a responsive, reactive experience that inspires users to fully explore your site.

4. Split-Screen Layout

Double the functionality of your page while also giving it an eye-catching design by having the information presented in a two-sided split-screen. This can provide easier navigation while also giving an eye-catching layout to your site, allowing you to use contrasting colors in the two panes that will grab viewers’ attention.

5. Moving Type

Movement draws the eye and captures a user’s attention, which makes scrolling font on your page a useful tool for controlling how users experience your site. A scrolling title or moving user interface elements can give your page a unique edge that is unlike anything the competition offers.

6. Inclusive Language in Copy

Appeal to the broadest audience possible by ensuring that the verbiage used in the text on your site uses inclusive language. Apart from the actual words you use, this also means creating your site so that it provides the same function for visually-impaired visitors or other users with disabilities.

7. Retro Design Themes

What’s old eventually becomes new again, and that holds true in the web design field. The gaudy colors and vibrant designs from the early days of the internet are coming back in a big way, with web designers taking retro ideas and giving them an update for the modern age. That creates an attractive page that can also evoke nostalgia in some users.

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