With the importance that your online brand has in the modern business market, it’s no surprise that businesses put so much work into their online reputation management. Here are some mistakes that you might make as a business owner that could lead to a negative result for your business’ reputation.

7 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Online Reputation

1. Not Paying Attention to Online Discourse

You may think that simply running your business in a quality way is enough to build your reputation, but if you aren’t focused on the online discussion around your business, you won’t be able to shape that discourse. Searching your business on popular search engines and monitoring your social media presence closely are two important steps to take towards this goal.

2. Inconsistent Online Presence

You want your online presence to convey the image of a business that is popular and thriving. A lack of online activity may leave the impression that your business is slow or even closed. Be sure to post online content at a steady, regular pace rather than sporadically.

3. Ignoring Customer Criticism

Engaging with customers when they’re being positive is easy, but many business owners are less willing to engage with online criticism. However, failing to respond appropriately to negative criticism gives you the appearance of a business that doesn’t care about their customers’ concerns

4. Being Overly Defensive 

This mistake is another facet of being able to deal with online criticism of your business. There’s a natural impulse to defend your business against negative comments, but answering customer complaints too aggressively is a bad look for your business. Even when customers are unfair in their criticisms, be sure to be level-headed when typing up a response.

5. Ending Up in Embarrassing Videos

Viral videos that cast your business in a bad light can do immeasurable harm in mere minutes. The best way to avoid ending up the subject of these videos is to always behave as if cameras are present. In the age of smartphone cameras, you never know when someone may be recording.

6. Posting Inappropriate Content

While some businesses end up unwillingly shown in a negative light through viral videos, others sabotage themselves by posting offensive content all on their own. You want your business to have the broadest appeal possible to maximize your sales and growth potential. Posting content that alienates certain segments of your audience works against this goal.

7. Failing to Develop Clear Reputation Management Goals

Your online reputation is undeniably important to your success as a business. Just like any other aspect of your business, it requires clearly-defined goals for what areas can be improved. If you aren’t developing aims to work towards on this front, you won’t know if you’re improving sufficiently or not.

Our digital marketing experts will help you feel confident that you’re making the right decisions towards building your business’ online reputation. We’ll make sure that your current and prospective customers see your brand in the best light possible. Get the help you need from Stat Lead Marketing and start writing your online success story!

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