Having a competent online presence is crucial for any business in the modern market. An essential part of presenting a professional, trustworthy front to customers while still giving yourself the edge needed to stand out from the competition is custom web design. Check out the information below to learn more about why having a professionally-designed custom website is so vital to your business’ success.

Custom Web Design: The Key to Managing Your Sales Funnel

Why Web Design Matters

While old mediums of reaching customers still matter, the internet has become the predominant way that businesses interact with their audience in the modern age. The experience a potential customer gets from your website is often the first impression they’ll have of your business.

Because it’s often the first thing customers consider when deciding whether to go with your business or one of your competitors, getting your business’ website right is essential. A custom website is the best way to leave a memorable impression on customers and generate more revenue for your business.

Elements of Good Web Design

Conveys Your Brand’s Personality

Your brand has something unique about it that leads your customers to choose you over any competitors, and it’s important to emphasize those unique qualities in your web design. Your website should provide a consistent experience customers already familiar with your brand will recognize while highlighting your best qualities to potential new customers.

Examples from well-known companies can be useful in figuring out what design strategy you should follow. For example, Apple shows off its innovative, futuristic personality in its website design, while Google positions itself as a place users can easily find the information they need with its simple, no-frills design.

Clear, Concise, and Easy to Read

You seek to provide a convenient, user-friendly experience for your customers in other aspects of your business, and your website shouldn’t be any different. You want your users to have a satisfying experience and easily accomplish their goals when they visit your site so they’ll want to keep coming back again.

Simple design choices can go a long way towards improving the experience that users get from your website. Cut down on any unnecessary information so that only what the user needs is provided without any clutter getting in the way. You should also consider the color scheme your website uses to make sure it’s attractive to look at and easy to read.

Compatible with Multiple Platforms

More users than ever before are browsing the internet from their phones rather than from traditional computers. It’s important that you take this ever-increasing trend into consideration in your web design. Your website’s design should be optimized to be mobile-friendly, so you don’t risk alienating any portion of your user base.

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