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Most entrepreneurs in California are driven by a do-it-yourself mentality. That is the fuel that has made them build businesses that offer quality products and services. But the desire to do it all yourself must have a limit when the business starts to grow, and it's time to hire an SEO agency in San Francisco.

When it comes to digital marketing, and more specifically, SEO, it is best to have professionals with extensive experience in the matter. This is mainly because SEO efforts take time to deliver results, and the consistency of the strategy you use is critical.

The most common thing is to think that a business can hire two or three people with SEO experience and form an internal team. So... is it worth then hiring one of the SEO companies in San Francisco? 

The short answer is yes. It is worth having a San Francisco SEO company. Not only is it cheaper than maintaining a full staff, but it also takes away the uncertainty of having professionals who can give you the results you need.

Let's see in detail how doing SEO internally and hiring one of the best San Francisco SEO companies compares.

Doing SEO internally

The challenge with way of doing things is the many different creative elements, such as writing, graphic design, and web page programming, that are needed to successfully carry out a marketing strategy.

Learning the full range of good SEO practices involves a big learning curve for an entrepreneur. In the best case scenario you'll leave your business with an incomplete marketing strategy that is missing key elements such as blogs, social media marketing, or a website full of ugly graphics, or both.

Conversely, if the owner spends time learning all these marketing elements, they have a retired business owner who focuses all of his time and attention on a steep learning curve in the creative arts.

The solution may be to hire an in-house SEO team, but if you're an entrepreneur, you know how expensive it can be to hire an employee, and in this case, you'll certainly need more than one.

We quickly realize that in-house SEO, at best, ends up being very expensive.

Hiring an SEO agency

When you work with one of the trusted SEO agencies in San Francisco, you start to have tangible benefits such as:

  • Having experienced professionals in your niche market,
  • Experience in the execution of marketing plans,
  • You can save money because you can pay only for what you need,
  • No employee training is required,
  • You can start executing your SEO strategy faster. The employee may need time to get started while the SEO company is ready from the beginning,
  • Avoid HR nightmares,
  • Efficiency for short term and urgent projects.

If you're still undecided about whether to do SEO in-house or hire a specialized agency, it may help to stop wondering whether you should hire an agency or not and start asking yourself how much money it costs to spend the time you would spend doing everything yourself or training employees.

If you want to know what else a digital agency can do for your business, contact Stat Lead Marketing for a free consultation: 650-762-5553

Seo Company San Francisco
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Seo Company San Francisco
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Seo Company San Francisco Seo Company San Francisco Seo Company San Francisco