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White Label Software

White Label Software

Understanding and admitting that you can't wear all hats is the key to growing your marketing agency. White label software provides digital solutions that allow agency owners to be owners, not self-employed.

Quantum Agency is the quintessential agency for all digital agencies! Our custom-made software solutions are available for white label use, and they are perfect for agency leaders who believe that if they don't do the job, the job won't get done right.

If you are interested in learning how to grow your business with a robust white-label automation platform, contact Quantum Agency to book a strategic technology consultation or ask for a free, no-obligation demo. Just click here to get started. 

Social Media Hub

As with every other aspect of our software, Social Media Hub is all about putting your clients' social media accounts on autopilot. Agencies often don't have enough staff to build and engage social media audiences, especially across more than one social platform. Social Media Hub is a game changer! You'll be able to build your fan base, conduct customer service, generate quality leads, and ensure that your clients are getting the most out of their social efforts.

Citation Builder

Citation Builder allows agencies to sync their clients' social profiles. The interface is user-friendly and empowers agencies to fix their clients' listings on more than 300 review websites with a single click of a button! Citation Builder is unrivaled, and this feature alone is worth the cost of the entire platform!

Reputation Marketing

There are only 24 hours in a day. Agencies don't have the time to monitor hundreds of different social platforms to see what people are saying about their clients. Agencies may go months or longer without seeing a negative review left by an unsatisfied client, disgruntled employee, or sleazy competitor trying to sabotage their client's reputation.

In the online realm, reputation is everything, and it is vital to stay on top of your clients' reputation with a proactive approach, and that is exactly what Reputation Marketing and Review Management allow for!

Review Management

Whether for your agency or your clients, you'll be able to generate, manage and display social feedback. Local search is driven by online feedback, which means revenue is too! With Review Management, you'll be able to request feedback via email, publish positive feedback automatically, respond to customer feedback, and receive instant email notifications.

Digital Advertising Center

Paid advertisements are a proven effective way to reach potential new customers at the exact moment they are searching for a product or service similar to your clients. Digital Advertising Center provides a single location to manage all of your clients' paid ads efficiently.

PR and Link Building

Press Release and Link Building is a 21st-century press release and content marketing engine for a content-driven world. This feature of Quantum Agency's robust white label software is all about building authority for your clients. Features include Quantum indexing, Google Maps API integration, inline video embeds, permanent archives, a signal reporting dashboard, in-app training, and support.

Of course, we've just scratched the surface of our industry-changing white label software for marketing agencies. Contact us today by clicking the link above if you would like to speak with a knowledgeable Quantum Agency representative.

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