Social media marketing is a powerful way to build brand awareness and create the right conversations around your company. Today, it’s the place people are turning to when they want to authentically connect with a brand. By getting on social media and meeting customers where they’re at, companies are participating in creating their reputations.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Brand Awareness

When customers watch your posts on social media and see how you engage with your audience they learn a lot about your brand. They see your company take actions based on company values. They see how you talk and what you talk about. This builds brand recognition, trust, and establishes authenticity for your brand.

This kind of regular engagement is hard to come by on other marketing platforms. With social media, a company can establish brand awareness with new potential customers. They can also nurture leads and build loyalty with existing customers simultaneously.

Establish Your Brand as a Thought Leader

Do customers choose your brand because you are ahead of the times or shaking up the industry? For example, there are many coffee options, but eco-conscious customers choose a brand with new ideas about sustainable resource growth. Customers care what that brand says about where they’re sourcing their coffee beans.

Their social media account will show photos of where the coffee beans were grown. It will share updates on what that company believes the most sustainable way to make coffee is. These are things that interest their customers and now their customers turn to them for innovative thoughts forward in the industry.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Today, customers have come to expect that a thriving and legitimate business will have social media profiles. If they log on to find a Facebook page last updated a year ago, they assume the company is gone. Then they move on to the next option for whatever they’re looking for.

Successful businesses meet customer demands. They have phone numbers, email addresses, and other ways customers can contact them. They do this because customers want to be able to get in touch. Today, social media is just one more growing expectation that businesses are wise to pay attention to.

Reputation Management

People post about companies on their own social media, whether that company is present or not. They post reviews on Google, tweet about experiences, and post product photos. If a brand is on social media, they can engage with these posts. The company can thank them for a nice review, respond to inaccurate information, or make up for a negative experience.

Companies that aren’t online aren’t part of these conversations. They don’t have a chance to participate and show what their brand is really about. By getting on social media, brands have the opportunity to manage their own reputations and build lasting customer relationships.

Creates Conversation

When people bring up your brand, what do you wish they were talking about? By regularly posting on social media, you can give them the information they need to have those conversations. For example, you can tell your audience about the sustainable materials used in your product. Or, you can tell them about the annual fundraising efforts you throw.

If you want people to know what you’re up to, social media posts are one of the easiest ways to let them know. Create meaningful conversations that communicate your company’s values.

While a strong social media presence is important for businesses today, we know it isn’t easy. A lot of work goes into creating the right kinds of branded posts and managing a company’s reputation. Our team of experts can help you create a content strategy with long-term results in mind. Schedule a free consultation with our team at Stat Lead Marketing to discuss a custom plan for your online future.

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