No matter how great a service your business offers, if no one knows you exist, then your chances of succeeding in business are slim. There are many ways of getting the word out, from word of mouth to advertisements to affiliates; however, one great tool for spreading awareness of your business is online business listings. Without proper business listings, your business could be going the way of the dinosaurs.

Why Business Listing Is Important

Business listings are basically online databases containing the information of countless businesses. Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other online platforms use listings to help their users find local businesses relevant to them, their needs, and their location.

Typically, you will include your contact information and other details about your business to build trust between you and potential customers. It is also important to think about what terms you use to describe your business and make sure they are both voice-search and SEO friendly.

The Different Places to List Your Business

Of course, the reality is not so simple as just updating a few lists and being done with it. There are different types of business listings that you need to take advantage of to stay ahead of the game.

Each place you list your business will have a unique way of interacting with potential customers. You need to be aware of and put these methods into practice if you want to be successful. To vastly oversimplify things, there are three broad types of places to list your business: social media, search engines, and apps.

This may sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Rather than keeping track of countless websites, search engines, and apps separately, you can work with companies like Stat Lead Marketing in San Francisco to help keep everything organized. We specialize in helping business owners like yourself keep track of all their business listings and make sure that those lists display up-to-date information.

Social Media, Search Engines, and Apps

The three different places you can list your information may seem similar, but each has its own quirks and social norms. With social media, think of places like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and even free speech alternatives like Gab and Minds. On social media, everyone can see your conversations and how you react to things. By being active and consistently responding to people on social media, you can build trust between you and the public.

Search engines are the king when it comes to business listings and getting found by potential customers. These days almost no one uses a phone book to find a business. Instead, they “Google it” to find out what companies are in their area. By correctly listing your business and optimizing it for SEO, you will be able to put your business name and contact info right at people’s fingertips when they search for the type of service you offer.

Lastly, there are the apps. People use apps like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and various others to locate what business best fits their needs. Customers like to see a lot of social proof. These various apps often have user reviews, pictures, lists of services, prices, contact info, and coupons for the businesses listed. If you can get listed on these apps, you will have a significantly higher chance of finding potential customers than if you don’t.

Why You Need to List Your Business

Listing your business is not just an afterthought that you should get around to after working on other forms of marketing. It needs to be part of your primary marketing strategy or you will lose out on a lot of business. People use the internet to find out about most of the companies they use.



We Can Help You Thrive Online

Stat Lead Marketing was created to help business owners like you connect with potential customers simply and efficiently. We offer a variety of services, including the ability to manage your various online business listings. Give Stat Lead Marketing a call, and let us help connect you to the world.

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